First a Dancer, then something more…


I was very young when I set the following goals: I wanted to be a professional dancer, be committed to health and wellness, be passionate about my life’s work and connect to people in profound and meaningful ways. Not lofty goals at all right? ;-p

Goal: Become a Professional Dancer

My dance and healing arts business came into being through a series of fortunate events!

Since I was a child I’ve known that dance was in my soul, dance was my soul; yet the world showed me it wasn’t possible to do that as a career. If you are not a semi -professional by a certain age, that dance industry tells you to just give up; you’re gonna fail. Then WHAM! The barrier was busted by, Chad Brooks, a dance teacher who for the first time in my life believed that I could be a professional. I get teary eyed just thinking about how much that changed the course of my life.

Boom! One goal met and on to the next!

Goal: Be committed to health and wellness

Enter: YOGA. I tore my ACL as a teenager dancing, and yoga was what I did to recover after surgery, I knew first hand, that this practice had the power to transform a person from the inside out. Life shifted for me upon discovering yoga. It completely rewired my relationship with reality.

Goal: Connected to people in profound and meaningful ways.

I was drawn to ballroom dancing because of the connection and expression. Partner dancing provided that without a single word – just two bodies learning to talk loudly in one moment or through a whisper in the next. Dancers tell stories of desire, passion, and flirtation though dance. It’s an intermingling of their life stories and essentially of the human experience.  

Sounds amazing right?  Well it is!

Unexpected Goal: Owned my intuitive abilities

During this time I had not yet realized I was an EMPATH. As I was working with people through movement, I would sometimes feel angry, nauseous or fatigued afterwards. I had been picking up on my client’s energy but had no idea that I was doing that. My body would literally manifest their pain and suffering. I learned to refined this tool of intuition and knowing,  so that I could help people without falling into their healing process. I now do intuitive healings and readings, by clearing the auric field, clearing dark or heavy energy and sometimes working with people who have passed away. I especially love reading relationships. I am helping to create movement in your life, body and energy field.

What people classically think of “psychics” and “fortune tellers” is not who or what I am. I may not be able to help you find your lost keys. Instead, I help you strengthen your natural ability by removing all the chaos. Now your life can be yours again.

May I have the courage today
To live the life that I would love,
To postpone my dreams no longer
But do at last what I came here for
And waste my heart on fear no more.
— Don O'Donohue