Resources I love

Rasa Willis LMT

Massage therapist does not even begin to describe how talented a healer Rasa is. She is packed with a wealth of knowledge and techniques to transform how you feel from the inside out. She seamlessly blends her anatomy and physiology knowledge with her intuitive abilities for a session unlike any other massage therapist I have ever experienced.

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Tami Kent MSPT

A powerhouse of knowledge on healing the feminine and the sacred womb space. I highly recommend her book The Wild Feminine as well as her holistic pelvic care services for re-balancing and healing the pelvis and women as a whole both physically and energetically.

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Rev. Liliana Barzola

Words cannot begin to express how this woman has transformed my life in subtle and huge ways. She uses her gifts of intuition and playful curiosity to empower individuals and businesses to own their intuitive abilities and turn them into a seat of power for navigating the craziness of life. When you are ready to take your intuition to the next level her training will help you solidify and strengthen your gifts.

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